So why should you work with me?

Well, since you ask…

Here are five of the best reasons that you should consider me for your next design role:

1. Fresh, understated creativity. 
There's loads more to being a successful designer than the pure generation of ideas. But it’s still central to what we do. Understated? If you want flashy bells and whistles, I’m not the designer you’re looking for. However, if it’s sophistication, a bright, clean feel, and spot-on detailing, then I’m your man.

2. Finely honed technical skills.
Technical skills are not an end in themselves, they’re the means by which we set our creativity free. Without them, ideas stay trapped in our head. Rest assured, I’ve got them, fine-tuned over a career spent striving to be the best I can be.

3. Challenging mindset and ambition.
Design is about finding new ways. Moving the world forward. Making the world a better place. We can’t do that if we aren’t driven to question and challenge the status quo.

4. Superhuman drive and work ethic.
Superhuman? Really? OK, everyone has a limit. But I guarantee I’ll always work at least as hard as you, and won’t stop until the project is as good as it can possibly be. I always strive to tread the fine line between perfectionism and reality.

5. Twenty-three years of real world experience.
Sometimes it seems experience is a dirty word. The foolish conflate it with ‘stale’. The wise recognise it’s intrinsic value. Ask yourself this: when the chips are down, the deal’s on the table, and it’s time to deliver, who do you want by your side? The designer who’s unfazed by the deadline, knows the way the world works, and can hit the ground running? Or the wet-behind-the-ears junior who’s still feeling their way?

I’m a member of the DBA, too
The Design Business Association is: “a community of over 470 design agencies and design-led businesses who share a set of values and beliefs. By belonging to the UK’s trade association for the design industry, our members are demonstrating a commitment to:
• The belief that design should be treated as an investment.
• Delivering a return on that investment.
• The highest professional standards for creative businesses.

Our members possess certain qualities that mark them apart. They’re ambitious. They take pride in their work and the industry they work in. They’re professional in how they run their businesses and in dealings with clients. They’re committed to supporting and developing themselves and their team. They care as much about the effectiveness of their work as they do the creative element. They care about raising standards and improving the perception of their industry and recognise they have a part to play in achieving this change.”

What this means for you:
By qualifying to join the DBA, I’ve demonstrated my commitment to excellence, professionalism and development that has enabled me to become one of the leading designers in my field. DBA membership keeps my mind fertile, and standards high, constantly measuring my work against the best creative minds in the world to ensure I keep delivering and keep improving.

Just a few of the reasons you should hire me. 
Let’s talk through a few more. Get in touch. The details are below.

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